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In December of 2013 I prepared a small (but chockablock) exhibition of old work I had kept over 20 years in two big woolpack storage boxes. I have been hanging on to all these pictures and thought maybe it was time to dust them off and see how far I haven’t gone with my career as an illustrator.

It was held at CDU Nan Giese Gallery. I just filled the walls with pictures indiscriminately, jamming as much in as I could. I still had half a box left over. Titled “The Last Picture Show” a good friend Mark Hilton strummed some of his tunes and sang as a small group of good folk assembled to marvel at my incredible skills and remember the Howard years.

As I was keen to let these pictures go I sold them off for charity, money raised going to the UNICEF Children’s Fund for Syria, it is truly repugnant (and always the way) the ├é┬áinnocent and fragile are subjected to adult violence and the level of brutality that is occurring in this once beautiful country is utterly sickening. Q: When are people going to figure it out? A: Never.

We only raised about $750 but it all helps I hope. I was disappointed more people didn’t come along.

GIESE SHOW inviteIMG_2566IMG_2687IMG_2695IMG_2705


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