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In December of 2013 I prepared a small (but chockablock) exhibition of old work I had kept over 20 years in two big woolpack storage boxes. I have been hanging on to all these pictures and thought maybe it was time to dust them off and see how far I haven’t gone with my career as an illustrator.

It was held at CDU Nan Giese Gallery. I just filled the walls with pictures indiscriminately, jamming as much in as I could. I still had half a box left over. Titled “The Last Picture Show” a good friend Mark Hilton strummed some of his tunes and sang as a small group of good folk assembled to marvel at my incredible skills and remember the Howard years.

As I was keen to let these pictures go I sold them off for charity, money raised going to the UNICEF Children’s Fund for Syria, it is truly repugnant (and always the way) the  innocent and fragile are subjected to adult violence and the level of brutality that is occurring in this once beautiful country is utterly sickening. Q: When are people going to figure it out? A: Never.

We only raised about $750 but it all helps I hope. I was disappointed more people didn’t come along.

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It’s been FIVE years since my last post on this blog. Why the hiatus? Well who reads it? Some Russian hackers and ASIO? Who knows? You.
I can’t get any cartoon work  and now I’m watching cartoonists get shot by psychotic cretins.
I woke up got out of bed, dragged a tv across my head. And gave ABC Breakfast a new name…