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I recently did a cover for the September issue of a parental guide called Sydney’s Child, it has mastheads for most Australian cities too, the colour I chose has turned out to be very curious as Sydney has just experienced a phenomenal dust storm which gave the city an eerie orange haze. Finally life imitates art. Coincidence? Alien manipulation, who cares? Orange was my favourite colour when I was das kinde. YA!screen-shot-2009-09-24-at-85208-ampicture-6

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Here’s an illustration for an advertisement I did for a  furniture store dealing products sourced in Italy, I bought a  1957 Vespa 125 Sport  in the eighties for $90 and one day decided to try and ride it with a kitchen chair stuck to the tank, it probably would have worked better if it had been bolted down!  I learnt what olio meant thanks to the little Vespas motor. An expensive language and mechanics lesson unfortunately.