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Awhile back now I completed an interesting commission from The Harvard Business Review Magazine to create icons to accompany various thematic topics and articles. It’s tricky stuff simplifying/illuminating a concept into a printable area literally 6mm square!

In order to successfully visualize the idea into an immediately recognizable image requires a bit of planning and skill. I   researched some personal favourites in  the history of pictograms, Isotope and the everlasting modernism of the 1968 Mexico Olympics pictograms by a team including Lance Wyman.

Initiating ideas in sketches and then road testing, throwing out ideas, brain storming, innovating are all part and parcel to this somewhat brain wracking activity. I enjoyed the challenges of the job and whilst demanding  was happy with the final results which were an individual contemporary instalment into the language of iconography/pictograms. I think!


roughs HBR_icons

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I do illustrations for this publication in the States, when asked to illustrate a Q&A article with Steven Heller and Tim Hoover covering design/entrepreneurship I looked at the idea of abstract thinking morphing into concrete action, so the image has the idea bubble becoming a physical entity. I had also just taken up welding with MIG and oxyacetylene  so it was on my brain… lots of hot dangerous fun welding metal.

I was excited to do an illustration connected to Steven Heller, he is a bit of graphic design guru with the publication of many well researched and presented titles on the subject. In fact his work is likely referenced more than anyone else on the design form.