I just did another of my freebie jobs! This time for the cover of The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance   State of Press Freedom in Australia 2009 Report. Seems like a growing trend I’m following in an ever shrinking economy… The brief was to visualize (love that word) the nature of the  assaults on press freedom in Australia over the past 12 months. My original idea was to illustrate a Pheidippides type character ( the messenger  at the battle of Marathon)  holding a rolled up newspaper and getting arrows fired at him, with a nice NRA type target on his chest. But therein I have my history muddled, the expression “Don’t shoot the messenger” which was the idea I took to represent the plight of these poor down trodden journos is Shakespearean, nothing to do with Mr Pheidippidooda at all. He just carked it on the finish line… SO I did an image of what I was asked to do, a journo with hands over his eyes and being restrained, by red tape of course. Onwards and acrosswards!PF08.pdf