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It’s been FIVE years since my last post on this blog. Why the hiatus? Well who reads it? Some Russian hackers and ASIO? Who knows? You.
I can’t get any cartoon work  and now I’m watching cartoonists get shot by psychotic cretins.
I woke up got out of bed, dragged a tv across my head. And gave ABC Breakfast a new name…


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I recently did a cover for the September issue of a parental guide called Sydney’s Child, it has mastheads for most Australian cities too, the colour I chose has turned out to be very curious as Sydney has just experienced a phenomenal dust storm which gave the city an eerie orange haze. Finally life imitates art. Coincidence? Alien manipulation, who cares? Orange was my favourite colour when I was das kinde. YA!screen-shot-2009-09-24-at-85208-ampicture-6

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Here’s an illustration for an advertisement I did for a  furniture store dealing products sourced in Italy, I bought a  1957 Vespa 125 Sport  in the eighties for $90 and one day decided to try and ride it with a kitchen chair stuck to the tank, it probably would have worked better if it had been bolted down!  I learnt what olio meant thanks to the little Vespas motor. An expensive language and mechanics lesson unfortunately. 


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There is a distinct  correlation between the furrows in Gordon Ramsay’s brow and graphic depictions of birds seen in the perspective  of a spatial composition utilizing a foreground background relationship of movement. This is also connected by the style of his coiffure and basically his wrinkles are able to fly away into the distance. He is thus able to shed his wrinkles but continually reproduces more. The potential to profit from this could be enormous, a world with less wrinkles and more birds flying into the distance. Think about it I.  I am investigating the possibility of turning this into a flash animation with a large fashion production house company  and probably art direction from Oliviero Toscani using a rainbow technicolour palette. It is fairly groundbreaking stuff really. I discovered this unknown trait when doodling his noggin whilst watching one  of his trademark  shows. It’s quite illuminating isn’t it?


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Years ago at college I liked to do a drawing which I called 10:10. It was based on the symmetry of the numbers on a digital clock. Should have been 10:01 to look even better. Sound confused? Well I found this poster design the other day which I just love.  It represents all the things I like about illustration. What do you think? 



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Cronulla Sharks have had a bad week haven’t they?  SHOCK HORROR. And now they have lost their main sponsor. Kiss it goodbye folks.

But what DO the public  expect from people who get paid large amounts of money to bash the hell out of each other,  behave like normal people?


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I found this thoroughly captivating news…and did a cartoon. So you could laugh at it….




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I had the good fortune to visit southern Mexico recently and saw many wonderful and fascinating sites and people. Whilst in the city of Oaxaca this wall caught my eye, hard not too really as  it was slightly large. Someone with graphic inclinations was  obviously inspired. Good effort. Neato.


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