Raymond Savignac 1967Information


I have always loved graphic irony. My two favourite exponents of this activity are the great commercial artists of France, Raymond Savignac and Andre Francois. But to just stop with them would be ludicrous. The list is long! The names sometimes difficult to pronounce, especially the Polish ones.

But what I have learned from looking at all these peoples’ work is basically what I knew to do from the beginning, make it simple, clever and amusing.

The struggle goes on!

Clients include

  • The Age
  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • The Financial Review
  • The Sun Herald
  • The National Times
  • The Australian
  • The Weekend Australian
  • South China Morning Post
  • The Hong Kong Standard
  • Financial Review Magazine
  • Good Weekend Magazine
  • BRW
  • The Diplomat
  • Reader’s Digest
  • The Bulletin
  • Boss Magazine
  • Australian Doctor Magazine
  • Rolling Stone
  • Panorama Magazine
  • Travelling Life
  • B&T
  • Vogue Australia
  • Conde Nast Traveller
  • Qantas Magazine
  • Gourmet Traveller Magazine
  • HQ Magazine
  • Monash Business Review
  • The Australian’s Review of Books
  • The Weekend Australian Magazine
  • P4+ Magazine
  • CFO
  • The Walkley Magazine
  • Family Circle
  • Penguin Australia
  • Pearson Jacaranda
  • Harper Collins.
  • Brotherhood of Saint Laurence.

Some advertising agencies who my former agent never told me much about and THE brilliant bunch of people at deLuxe & Associates.

A big Thankyou to you all.


I’ve been in exhibitions at Global Gallery and Damien Minton Gallery In Sydney and Dickerson Gallery in Melbourne.

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